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Planning to drive around Amsterdam,Netherland?Get a Dutch driver’s licence NOW!……..
Have you ever thought of purchasing a driving license in the Netherlands without a written and practical exams? 
Are you one of those who mastered driving, and do not want to spend too much money or time to get your driving license?
​Have you failed the driving test in Netherlands on several occasions because of the stress, lack of concentration, or just because the system is too demanding with such exams?Have you tried severally but still couldn’t pass the driving test? order now

How an expat can exchange his/her foreign driver's licence for a Dutch driver's licence

Is it feasible? For a foreigner leaving in the Netherlands, this exchange is very possible. How stressful, lengthy and robust the process can be, ALMOST HELL!!!
But no worries we get it done in 3 working days.
Obtaining a car driving license in Netherlands for an expat is considered to be a very difficult and at the same time a very expensive process. There is lots to be done, right from attending theory classes, to taking driving lessons, to giving practical tests etc.. And yet there is no guarantee that one will surely pass the difficult Dutch license test.

If you are planning to stay long-term in the Netherlands, it is often worth exchanging your foreign driving licence for a Dutch rijbewijs.
-For citizens of most European countries, you can normally continue to use your licence from your home country until it expires.
-For most non-European expats who plan to stay for longer than six months, you will need to exchange your licence within that first six month period. See more specific details.

You bare with me the above procedure is like “Lifting a 65kg stone and standing still”.We offer you a clear cut opportunity to get your driver licence exchanged in less than 5 working days without going through any of these tidious processes.

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