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I just wanted to send you a Huge HUG and THANK YOU! I was born in Canada,grew up there.With your assistance and the professional service that your company provided, I was able to receive an expedited passport and Driver Licence to enjoy a fabulous trip for 7 days in Austria!I had the chance to spend time with my family and also drive around in Europe all thanks to your services. There were 12 of us! Although it came down to the wire before our trip departure, we made it!!Big Ups Joey Arnautovic T. Quebec, Canada.
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Joey Arnautovic T.
I run a Drug business and needed to start sending my stuffs to Europe. I tried many other guys who claimed they can produce genuine document and all failed me. Some were scam artists and i also contacted some guys who work with some embessies but they could not do what i asked for. I was ready to pay any amount since i know how much i needed it. I lost about $3500 to the scammers before i found your website. I was not sure about it too but i just decided to do as you said and paid the money. And now that i got this first passport and my guy has used it to travel to Italy and everything went well. So i will be ordering 10 other passports for all my guys. I will make you guys a big business partner coz i have some buddies who need your services. Don J. California, USA.
Don J.
Business Man
I just wish to say thank you guys. Am now a full EU citizen. I now have my EU Passport(Belgium), Birth Certificate, Id Card and Driver's License. I may need some other documents from you. So i will definitely contact you again. Thanks alot. Beryl G. Brussels, BG.
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Beryl G.
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